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Misfit Furniture is a furniture design studio and store. It also offers renovation, upholstery, furniture sourcing services. At Misfit Furniture we recycle, upcycle, renovate old furniture, and design and create pieces from recycled wood. Alessandro Felici is in charge of the design, upholstery and woodwork. Eleonora Spagnuolo is in charge of the home decor with her original abstract artwork. Misfit Furniture is based in Zaandam, Netherlands.
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Unique reclaimed pieces looking for a new home.

We find unloved treasures and we give them a new life, so that they can become bespoke pieces in your home, office, shop, restaurant.


In our culture of  fast-everything, cheap deals and over-digitalization, we strive to reclaim well-made objects and update them for you to enjoy for years to come.

Do you have an old item you would like to update?  We love commissions too!


We are a creative couple, in life and at work: Alessandro has a past as a filmmaker and a passion for upcycling, woodworking and upholstery, Eleonora is a designer and artist who loves creating visual stories and customizing pieces with her signature abstract artworks. Together we roam markets, thrift stores, dusty attics to find our next treasure.

This all started with a very battered and unloved coffee table that we found in a thrift store in Rome. We decided to give it a second chance, and we couldn’t stop! That table was just the first one of a long series of pieces that we found, restored, repainted and used in our own home.

A friend of us, noticing that most of our furniture was second hand, reclaimed or somehow customized, joked that we could open a business and call it “Misfit Furniture”, as we loved to adopt misfit pieces and make them fit in our modern lives.

The idea, and the name, sticked in our hearts and here we are, collecting unloved pieces and making them beautiful again so that they can be used for many years to come.


In addition to the original pieces you can find in our store, we offer a number of services, including furniture renovation, upholstery, and sourcing.

Furniture renovation:

We know that there are beloved pieces you are not ready to throw away – and you shouldn’t! – but sometimes they really need some care to make them look fresh again.

Furniture old and not so old can be renovated to be in line with your interior design choices and the modern trends.


Upholstery service:

Your grandmother’s favorite armchair or those beautiful, but dated, dining chairs are in good hands with us.

We strip back everything to the frame, assess and eventually repair it, and then reupholster it using modern techniques.


Sourcing Service:

You really want a certain piece, or something you saw in our store is already sold. No problem, we can track down a similar item for you! The sourcing service is free and you only pay for the final piece – upcycled or not is your choice.


For restaurants, cafes, stores, and interior designers:

We love to collaborate and work together to make your vision happen. Get in touch to know more about how we can track that special piece down for you or for complete projects.


Our collection of pieces made with reclaimed wood.


Our collection of pieces made by upcycling outdated furniture to give them a modern twist.

Home decor

A selection of artworks by Eleonora Spagnuolo especially created for Misfit Furniture.

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